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yogaworks, pilates, callanetics

  • 1A Hodgkinson Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG17 7DJ.

About yogaworks, pilates, callanetics

yogaworks is a blend exiting system from astanga, iyengar, vini yoga suitable for everybody.  Focus in flowing movement with correct alignment to protect the joins and to learn the correct posture and how to maintain it.  A yogaworks class start with breathing and focus to our body followed by sun salutation and other asanas and finished with breathing exercises (pranayama) and deep relaxation.

pilates is the system for strong core and abdominal workout.  With or without props pilates is a system than teach you how to treat your body with conscious and how to protect and strength your lower back.

Callanetics is the best system for lift your buttocks up strength your inner muscles and loose inches without loose pounds and sweating.  Callanetics is based in a tiny small motion about 1,5 cm that strength your muscles and make them slimmer in less than a month (8 lessons).  Transform your body no matter your age, conditions or weight is.

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