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Chris Taylor Yoga

  • 44 Main Rd, Barnstone, Nottingham NG13 9JQ, UK.

About Chris Taylor Yoga

I truly believe that yoga should serve the student, and that our practice should be functional, relevant, and help us live a full life. I have been a student in many classes over the years, where this has certainly not felt the case, and has taken a performative based approach, rather than an informative, contemplative and functional approach. I believe this can be intimidating, off putting and unhelpful to anyone who is interested in attending a yoga class for the first time. I don't teach yogaerobics, yoga-cise or insta-yoga, and I make a strong case to differentiate between yoga, exercise and performance. You will never hear me say "feel the stretch", "no pain, no gain", or "keep up". However, I will invite you to move, breath and relax, with balance and composure, at your pace. This isn't about avoiding difficult postures either, but to approach them with open attention, intention, ease and stability.

My personal yoga journey started in 2001 after a period of illness, and I have not looked back since. I found the profound impact of Yoga changed my attitude towards well being. Having been a regular at the gym, I noticed the balancing impact of Yoga on both my body and mind. Since 2006, I have been teaching 12 weekly classes across Nottingham, Leicester and Manchester. My teaching has taken me to Spain and Italy too. I have developed and implemented Yoga programmes for premiership football clubs, whilst being the Yoga teacher for Spire healthcare at St Georges park, working along side the England men's senior football team, and sport science department. I also run workshops for the Rugby Football Union, at their training centres in the Midlands, and work within various secondary schools within the midlands area, using meditation, asana and pranayama to give students the tools for dealing with the pressures of their forth coming exams. I teach anatomy and physiology at several yoga schools within the area.

Over the past 14 years, I have given talks at corporate events, and Universities, within the field of Yoga, Health and well-being. I am regularly invited to teach an array of Yoga workshops at studios around the country and Europe.

I am also invited to teach Yoga workshops, at schools and studio's, for teachers and students.

As a recognised senior Yoga teacher, by Yoga alliance professionals, anatomy and physiology teacher, remedial massage therapist, and Thai massage therapist, I am able to bring functionality and relevance to the teachings, and to share my own practical insight into the anatomical aspects of Yoga.


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