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Embodied Yoga – ability and enjoyment for everyone. Individual and group teaching.

  • 18 Lime Tree Gardens, Lowdham, Nottingham NG14 7DJ, UK.

About Embodied Yoga – ability and enjoyment for everyone. Individual and group teaching.

Embrace more ability and enjoyment.

I’m Laura, I’m an Occupational Therapist with additional training in Sensory Integration, Sensory Attachment and Yoga.

I specialise in using Yoga as a therapeutic activity for those with and without Special Needs and Disabilities (Children, Adults and Older Adults).

I teach Restorative Yoga having trained with Judith and Lizzie Lasater and subsequently assisting Lizzie Lasater at her international teacher trainings.

The common theme in all my training is supporting people across the lifespan to increase their abilities and enjoyment in daily life. I believe that we live and through our bodies so learning more about our body is key.

I am interested in how people’s lifestyle influences their health and wellbeing and how people’s health and wellbeing influences their lifestyle.

My approach to practicing and teaching Yoga is inspired by studying both ancient wisdom and modern research into the mind and body.

I have been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and found it hugely beneficial in my life. I have used yoga to cultivate a supportive relationship with myself. Yoga has enabled me to practice and keep practicing self – care by offering myself movement, rest and connection.

Yoga is one of my favourite therapeutic tools and I really enjoy teaching yoga to both individuals and groups in various settings.

I aim that what you learn on the mat you can use in daily life. I carefully select practices for specific purposes and needs.

My fees for individual lessons are £60 per hour, my fees for group teachings vary.

Generally, my lessons include: Movement and posture practices, breathing practices and self-connection practices (mindfulness and bodyfulness).

My yoga lessons are inclusive and accessible. I use range of props and can offer adjustments and alternatives to increase or decrease the challenge as required.

Live or online, goals that I can support you with through yoga include:

  • Alleviating stress and the effects of stress. (Physical and mental tension, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, problems with digestion and fertility.)
  • Alleviating discomfort.
  • Increasing mobility.
  • Improving confidence to live the life you want to live. (Doing the things you need to want to expressing yourself as you wish.)
  • Deepening your yoga practice to explore your mind, body and the aspects of you beyond your mind and body, accessing more compassion and creativity.


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