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Donna Navarro Yoga

  • West Bridgford.

About Donna Navarro Yoga

My Approach:

I firmly believe that yoga is for everybody and every body and that, as a teacher, my role is to meet you where you are, helping to support and enhance physical and emotional wellbeing with practices you can use on and off the mat. With a long established history of back problems, I have been in many classes where this has not been the experience I have encountered. I hope you find me and my classes trauma sensitive, approachable, accessible and welcoming.

I encourage you to explore each shape in a way that best suits you, with curiosity, kindness and self-compassion. Group classes are offered with an alignment focus and options to suit all levels in a way that meets your physical and emotional needs on the day.

As a trauma informed yoga teacher, I am especially interested in how emotional trauma manifests itself in the physical body.

I'm a Yoga therapist for Anxiety and PTSD and offer 1:1 sessions in this area with programmes tailored to suit your needs. Each of our bodies is unique, having travelled a very different journey. Working 1:1 in this way means we can take things at your pace and work collaboratively, with embodied practices to encourage you to connect within and build that inner relationship, so that your body feels a safer and more comfortable place to be.

I also offer corporate classes where yoga has been found to be extremely effective in improving workplace attendance, reducing physical ailments and in helping to reduce stress levels and build resilience.I have worked with large corporate companies and most recently have provided trauma informed yoga for NHS medical staff groups.


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