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Inner Freedom Yoga – Restore, re-energise & re-balance

Selston, Nottinghamshire, NG16 6EE
Phone: 07527 310605
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**All sessions aim to release physical & mental toxins & blockages -Which build up over our lifetime & stress of this current climate - Leaving you feeling lighter, restored & rejuvenated in body & mind.

My classes are 'light hearted' & authentic - Hatha yoga practices being the yang, movement & energy to release the stresses of our body & mind. Where as the Yin or Restorative gives us an opportunity to release at an even deeper tissue & cellular level.

I combine all classes with joint mobility, pranayama (breathing techniques), intention setting and relaxation.

****Please be aware I like all new people to speak to me before attending classes and fill out a registration form, so as we see to practice safely and you're in the most suitable class for your needs, ability and level****

**Please bring to class a mat, cushion, water & a light throw for the relaxation times or to put on your mat for extra cushioning!

Tuesday classes:

Underwood Community centre - 6.20-7.30 - A hatha yoga flow class, with joint mobility, pranayama, floor and standing sequences with relaxation - This is a more intermediate practice for people who've experienced yoga or pilates before. (Ok for people with light joint issues) - £7

Underwood Community centre - 7.40-8.40 - Women's only - Gentle yoga class: More focus on joint mobility, combined with relaxing breathing exercises, gentle yogic postures and deep relaxation - This is a more gentle session which suits ladies of all ages: Ok for people who suffer with neuro pain, fibromyalgia, arthrits & light back/joint issues - You do need to be able to get up and down from the floor and rest on your knees. Fee £6

Wednesday classes:

Selston Parish Council - Eleanor Adams room - Ladies Beginner Yoga - 6.30-7.30 - Suits ladies wanting to learn all aspects of yoga for a medium physical level flowing class - £6.

7.40-8.40 - A gentle stretch and joint mobility class, with meditation and relaxation - Suits ladies who suffer with light back, joint, arthritis, fibromyalgia type conditions - £6.

Thursday class:

Selston parish hall - Eleanor Adams room - 6.45 -8 pm - An intermediate hatha yoga flow class combined with the deeper hold of yin positions - mixed with joint mobility, pranayama and deep relaxation - This suits people who have been practicing yoga for a while - fee £7.

****I also offer 1 to 1 Yoga & lifestyle Coaching & work in schools with teens and run 'Healthy living courses within the Community and run session for charities and groups using skills of: Caoching, joint mobility, relaxation, breath connection and laughter/positive living.

I run regular community workshops & training topics every month such as:

Energy & immune boosting for the changes of the seasons

Women's topics:

Mindfulness & Self care for the menopause
Nurture the feminine
Spring Awaken feminine
Art of slowing down
Oracle within
Ganesha mantra and moves - Chakra healing

YOGA MASTER CLASSES: 5 prana & 5 koshas

Trainings in:
2 days laughter yoga leader training
Laughter yoga, create & play.
The Art of slowing down - yogic practices

I've been practicing and teaching yoga for approximate 20 years. My path has taken me from the physical aspects of yoga, to a deepening inquiry of the spiritual self. This led me to journeying over the past 8 years to India, from the far South of Kerala to the midst of Nashik and onto the yogic capital of Rishikesh, in the north. I've taken classes with many teachers, and studied yogic philosophy by staying in several ashrams in India & learning many yogic & meditation styles. I've even learnt to be a Laughter Yoga teacher.

However through my own healing journey, I've had a 'calling' to deepen my feminine side. Thus taking a profoundly enlightening 'womb yoga course' & several wonderful 'shakti' workshops. The last few years, I've started to run my own 'women's sessions', which I see as a collective feminine awakening to our true souls nature and calling.

The fun & creative side of me, likes to play, dance & laugh. Where by I utilise all my skills in bringing courses & workshops into my community, for beings of all ages and abilities - young to old, here in the U.K or overseas. I love assisting others to 'let go' & lighten the load with joy, fun & smiles.

I am a qualified hatha yoga teacher, Yin Yoga and womb yoga teacher, Creative life coach & laughter yoga leader trainer. As well as having diploma's in: sounds healing, aromatherapy, reflexology, bach flowers & reiki I/II.

I see all beings as a holistic spiritual soul & love empowering others in balancing their well-being on levels: mental, emotional, cellular & spiritual.

I wish a Universal peace, joy & happiness to all beings!

Opening Times

Opening Times: Tuesdays at Underwood Community Centre
6.20 - 7.30pm - Hatha yoga restorative class - A therapeutic class - with always a deep relaxation to end
7.40pm - 8.40 pm - A ladies only - light & gentle yoga session with a mix of joint mobility class - For people suffering with arthritis, fibromyalgia & general aches and pains.

Wednesday: Gentle & Beginners style yoga classes @ Selston parish hall - Eleanor Adams room - Classes from 6.30 pm please check - varied classes and times.

Thursday - Selston parish hall - 6.45 - 8 pm - Traditional yoga/ Hatha class with a mix of yin yoga - Therapeutic style with always a deep relaxation to end - intermediate class.


Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Underwood Community Centre opposite Desmond Court Underwood..just past Underwood Church

Selston Parish Hall, Mansfield Road, Selston Nottingham NG16 6EE

Coming from Underwood on Nottingham Road past the 2 garages you make a right turn onto Mansfield Road..make a sharpe left bend and then indicate left and pull into the centre car-park...My classes are around the back so you can drive around to here in the Eleanor Adams room.


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