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Bath, Somerset, BA1
Phone: 07855416001
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Awaken to the miracle of you... Meditation. Energy Work. Movement.

Kamala is an energy worker, meditation coach, yoga teacher and sound healer.

On a path of self enquiry from a very young age, Kamala is the Director and voice behind Centred Soul’s guided meditations (www.centredsoul.com). Being of Indian heritage and born and bought up in England, Kamala draws from a fusion of eastern and western philosophies and practices to weave her own personal loom. In this context one could say her root is tantra, which in essence, is a blend of approaches.

When teaching and guiding meditations, the aim is for individuals to 'taste' and explore different approaches through their own direct experience. Through guidance and self practice, students are encouraged to notice that meditation can support them on a number of levels; as a place where they can nurture themselves, unravel, heal, evolve and to feel a deep connection to the space that holds it all.

As an empath, her approach to the more physical practices (which are generally labelled as yoga) is to tune into the collective energy of class members. Individuals are encouraged to apply their breath and awareness through movement. This is to allow the body to release and strengthen and the mind to relax. Her classes employ a cocktail of different techniques. This can include creative free flow or more traditional asanas, walking meditation, visualisation, sound with crystal bowls, pranayama and alert relaxation. Whilst different practices are employed (depending on the class and individual), the general approach to each session is meditative with emphasis on noticing the inner stillness that already exists within.

As part of her work at Centred Soul, she has supported International Women’s Day and World Peace Day and feels honoured to have created free recordings to the internationally recognised music of Craig Pruess and Ananda and Newang Kechog.

Kamala has taught beginners and more advanced students on a one to one basis via classes and workshops at Yoga Bodhi, Universal Yoga, Lucknam Park Hotel and Spa in Colerne, South Wraxall, Bathford and Larkhall. She contributes to retreats and workshops in the UK blending energy work and physical practices with a focus on meditation. She has held laughter workshops at Universal Yoga and also taught children's yoga at Yoga Bodhi, South Wraxall and at Bathford Primary School.

Re-centre, relax, find inner space and evolve via Skype/Zoom or in person.

Opening Times

Opening Times: See listings of courses and workshops. One to ones in person or via Skype/Zoom to be arranged through agreement.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Based in Bathford and in locations in and around Bath


12 Reviews/Comments on "Centred Soul"

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Jon Paget
Rating :

My Wife and I attend the evening classes in South Wraxhall in Wiltshire. Kamala is an excellent yoga instructor who combines correct techniques for a wide variety of positions with great guidance in listening to your own body and being aware of what is best for oneself. After the workout the classes end with deep relaxation so we always leave feeling great!

Elaine Massung
Rating :
I have been attending classes with Kamala for the last year. I had no previous experience with yoga, and I found the courses to be just the right intensity to ease me into practice. It seems that Kamala adjusts the classes accordingly based on the participants’ skill level, and I’ve enjoyed seeing how much I’ve progressed over the past year. I also like that I’ve been able to work the yoga into my other exercise routines, and certain stretches have become firm favourites for easing a long-term lower back problem. Kamala herself is absolutely lovely, and the drop-in nature of… Read more »
Ben Paget
Rating :
I’ve recent’y moved away so have stopped going to Kamala’s classes. I miss them. It was yoga from the heart. It didn’t follow a strict plan the way some classes do, but changed according to who was in the class, and the energy in the room that evening. It was flexable, and there was always freedom to adapt it to whatever felt right for your body. I remember with fondness, a phrase she used many times, ‘Imagine what it would be like, if you just let go’. I feel it soften me as I write this. If it is local… Read more »
Katie Fishlock
Rating :

A reiki session with Kamala is such an amazing treat. Being in Kamala’s presence is something that needs to be included in my healing routine. The sessions help me refocus, chill and leave me feeling refreshed.

Rating :

“I have known Kamala Mann for 5 years now. Her yoga classes are always calm and relaxed, and contribute to an increased state of well being and positive thinking. Meditation and mindfulness are key to her teaching methods. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kamala to anyone who requires some stress relief and a way to a clearer path in their busy life”

Rating :

Set in a calming atmosphere with Kamala’s gentle and warm personality, I felt immediately at ease and relaxed. Kamala is extremely focused and passionate about the healing power of reiki and possesses great energy which flows through her. I felt this instantly. I found the expereince unlike anything I was expecting and it left me feeling like I was floating. An incredibly worthwhile and rewarding experience and highly recommended.

Rating :

Kamala has taught my family yoga and mediation and provided reiki therapy for me after an operation. We all found the sessions very valuable especially as they were taught in our home and around our busy schedules. My daughter Jodie was given specific support to deal with stress during her A-levels which she found very beneficial. Kamala overall is a great addition to support a busy lifestyle and bring balance to hectic lifestyles. Very highly recommended.

Mary Gouldbourne
Rating :

Kamala led me through some very deep relaxing guided meditations which really nourished me and helped to discover a freedom inside myself..
she is so lovely and at ease in her ways … very welcoming and 2 words come to mind… love and kindness. Thankyou Kamala..

Simon Thompson
Rating :

As someone with limited experience of the world of yoga and other eastern-based practices and philosophies I can only say that I found Kamala a joy to be with: inspiring and insightful and genuinely caring and nurturing. My one-to-one session with her opened this door for me and I really liked what I took to be a very open and pragmatic approach to my individual being. And don’t miss any opportunity to bathe in the sound of her crystal bowls. No idea how that works but it feels great!

Emma Bond
Rating :

I have attended both yoga and sound healing workshops with Kamala and love her approach, her attitude and her teaching methods. I always leave her classes super-relaxed and calm!

Rating :
Me and my husband and son have worked with Kamala over the past year. We have gone to many sound sessions which Kamala creates a cocoon of relaxation and holds space for you to rest and restore. I personally find the sessions to help with my meditation, inner tranquility and understanding. I have reccomended friends of mine to try the sessions as I believe they are a welcome antidote to some of the stresses of modern living and allow us to reconnect. Kamala has an effortless calm that means we can always open up be our true selves. We started… Read more »
Denise Winslow
Rating :

I have been attending Kamala’s guided meditation/sound healing group for the last year. In my opinion it is a wonderfully relaxing, calming and healing experience. When i walk through the door to attend a group i immediately feel calmer, The atmosphere is very nurturing and Kamala so welcoming. I leave feeling a much better rounded person. Thank you for all you do Kamala.

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