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Chorley, Staffordshire, Pr7 7GD
Phone: 07795116472
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The style of yoga that Lullaby Lucy teaches is based on Hatha yoga. Babies can develop through routines and postures, where you are taught to help your baby into carefully developed movements that are beneficial to both growth and development. Baby yoga can aid the baby’s gross and fine motor skills, helping them balance and guide them into developmental milestones. The moves have been designed to support your baby in their learning about diagonal coordination which is required for crawling and walking. Baby yoga is an effective trust building activity between you and your baby as some of the poses are specifically designed to stimulate the moro reflex. Baby yoga is an interactive routine, but still very relaxing with activities focusing on core breathing and contentment poses.

Benefits to Baby
•Promotes longer and deeper sleep by regulating the breathing and increases the levels of oxygen in the bloodstream.
•Helps balance, coordination and motor skills
•Aids respiration and digestion
•Strengthens baby’s body and develops reflexes
•Improves learning and social development
•Aids bonding, trust and social interaction
•Stimulates the brain and nervous system
•Develops physical confidence and spatial awareness
•Improves muscle development and muscle tone
•Reduces the frustration of babies in the transition from one developmental stage to another
•Maintains flexibility in the spine and joints
•Improves the general functioning of the immune system
•Regulates and strengthens the digestive system which may reduce the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation
•Improves blood flow
•Helps with detoxification and circulation around the lymph system
•Helps the development of postural reflexes

Benefits for You
•Builds confidence in handling your baby
•Teach you to understand your baby’s non-verbal cues
•Encourages your body to heal after a difficult or traumatic birth
•Learn breathing techniques
•Learn deeper relaxation techniques
•Encourages the nurturing instinct through the stimulation of oxytocin
•Helps you to gain strength and alignment after pregnancy and giving birth
•Encourages exercise together whilst having fun

Opening Times

Opening Times: Tuesday Mornings - Baby Yoga @Tiny Rockers, Buckshaw Village PR7 7EZ
Wednesday Afternoons - Baby Yoga, 2-4 Yrs, 4+ Years @ The Hub, Buckshaw Village PR7 7HZ
Thursday afternoons - Baby Yoga @ Chakra Wellbeing Studio, Penwortham PR1 0DQ

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Tiny Rockers, Buckshaw Village

Set within the activity room at Tiny Rockers Play Centre, facilities include Baby Changing, Tiny Rockers Café, Free Parking available outside the building or on Tesco’s car park.

The Hub, Buckshaw Village

Set within the activity room above the nursery and swimming pool. Facilities include a lift, Baby Changing, Cappuccinos Café, Free Parking is available at the rear of the building.

Chakra Studio, Penwortham

A beautiful custom made wellbeing studio, set above Gillibrand Fireplace Showroom. Facilities include Baby Changing, Free Parking is available by the entrance to the building. Complimentary Green Tea and Fresh Fruit will be available at the end of each class.


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