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Tracy Wyatt, for a pain and stress free life

Suffolk, CB8 8QE
Phone: 0771 041 6791
Website Address: www.tracywyatt.co.u
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Yoga and Pilates Fusion Classes to help you to improve flexibility, strength and balance for your body and mind as well improve your posture and core. Classes include breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, yoga and pilates postures, enabling you to release physical, mental and emotional tension and stress. What you learn on the mat you will be able to integrate in to your every day life, increasing your inner peace, happiness and well being.
Mindfulness meditation introductory courses are 8 week courses and the follow up courses are 4 weeks.
You will learn mindfulness techniques that are simple, practical and profound you can use in your everyday life. You will learn techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, fear and depression, manage acute and chronic pain, improve sleep and reduce insomnia and increase inner peace, happiness and well being.
You will learn to tune in to your own awareness of your body, thoughts, feelings and emotions. You will learn to calmly respond to the challenges that life brings with control and composure, rather than allow yourself to engage in habitual behaviour that doesn't support you.


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