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Dorking and Cranleigh Yoga

Dorking and Cranleigh Yoga Classes

  • 4 New Road, Forest Green, Dorking, Surrey, RH55SA.

About Dorking and Cranleigh Yoga Classes

Skip Oliver founded WHYOGA in 1999 and has been running yoga classes since then. Inspiration for each class is taken from a broad spectrum of disciplines including philosophy, the arts and of course the richness of the Hatha yoga tradition. Each class has an eclectic style and creativity. She is adept at integrating those just beginning on their yoga journey and those who already have a solid practice. The classes are both dynamic and meditative and open the mind to health and self-realisation. The aim is always to offer students, young and old, male and female, pregnant or post-natal the experience of variation and a deep exploration of yoga techniques including those aligned with Ayurvedic principles. Skip is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, a Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals and a Yoga Elder with the Independent Yoga Network. Skip has also been a yoga teacher trainer since 2002, training teachers in how to maintain creativity in their classes, as well as pregnancy yoga training (WHYOGA Pregnancy Technique). Skip is also the founder and director of YOGA BANANAS, a pioneering children’s yoga company and has personally trained over 1,500 aspiring yoga teachers.


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Events by Skip Oliver

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