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Elephant Power Yoga

Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 2HJ
Phone: 0774 761 9581
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Seasonal living – living in tune with natures changes - Escape the digital age and connect with the earth.
My yoga classes are dynamic, inventive and based around the 4 seasons. Poses are carefully picked to get you more in tune with the current season whilst strengthening, lengthening and toning the body. Stimulating energy lines (meridians) and energy wheels (chakras) related to the current season.
Instead of living within the season, getting up when it’s light and sleeping when it’s dark, eating food produced by the land at that time or year, we have everything we want 24hrs a day at the touch of a button. We are encouraged to buy food that would normally be out of season and work longer hours or through the night.
Each season is linked to an element, a set of organs, chakras and meridians. Classes are made up of postures which stimulate these components and regulate the body’s energy flow.
You will leave my classes feeling energised, connected within yourself and your environment, peaceful and calm. What a great way to start or end your day!
I am also able to give you physical, dietary and emotional advice relevant to the current season.


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