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Beautiful yoga in the  heart of Wales

Sunrise 2 Sunset Therapy Yoga

  • 5 Glebe Road, Swansea, West Glamorgan SA4 6QS.

About Sunrise 2 Sunset Therapy Yoga

Are you sick of waiting weeks to see a doctor for lower back pain , Sciatica, IBS , Foot pain ,arthritis or osteoporosis,  or your just struggling with every day stress and anxiety,  sick of taking tablets to ease the pain , Are you feeling those horrible hot flushes from the dreaded menopause then why not give yoga a go ,

Yoga can help relieve a lot of pain in these areas , and can teach you all about breathing techniques to cool the brain during menopause and  to help you manage your stress and anxiety better.

I am trained in therapy yoga, hatha, vinyasa, pre-post pregnancy and yin yoga for beginners/advanced students   I specialise  in yoga that can help anyone who suffers with lower back pain, Sciatica, stress or anxiety, foot pain , arthritis, osteoporosis, menopause etc.. we would focus more of exercises that you can practice daily to help relieve pain or I could put together a class that will help benefit you , This  will not only help you but will also take a bit of stress off the NHS .

I am a private one-one yoga teacher so every practice will take place in the comfort and privacy of your own home or my home .
I also teach beginners yoga classes at venueNo1 Carmarthen road Swansea every Tuesday nights 6pm-7pm


I also offer one-one hatha , yin,  vinyasa or flexibility classes , inversion yoga for beginners-advanced students in the comfort of your  home. And offer pre-post pregnancy classes also.

I have been practicing yoga for nearly 3 years now. I started practicing yoga at home , I first started with practicing Pilates then moved on to yoga. I had been struggling with anxiety and regular panic attack’s due to my past and was told that yoga could really help me through the mental health issues I was battling. I was so impressed with how I felt after every practice I was just intrigued to know much more about yoga and it’s benefits, I started practicing meditation too and I’m very happy to say my anxiety is no more.. yoga and meditation has taught me so much about myself, I’ve found the person I knew I always wanted to be but was always held back by negative thoughts, but now I live a very positive lifestyle and  I always live in the present not the past or future,  I want to share all that I’ve learnt with others and help people to believe in them selfs also, mental health is so important to me so introducing yoga to others who suffer is my main goal .  I learnt everything in the comfort of my own home I’ve never been to a yoga class. So I believe if I can do it anyone can.

So not only do I want to help people mentally I want to help them physically hence why I studied therapy yoga , and I’m now a meditation student.

You can find me on Facebook under Angela Parry

I look forward to hearing from you ..



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