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Remedial Yoga & Mindfulness

Ancton, West Sussex, PO22 7SX
Phone: 07588522553
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In these specialised classes Yoga and Mindfulness are used as a

therapeutic health program to enable recovery and rehabilitation

from most health issues such as Insomnia, Cancer, Heart Problems,

Grief, Depression , Anxiety, Asthma, Back Pain, most Muscle and

Joint Pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia .

These classes support deep healing in people who are dealing with Mental or Physical issues and compliments orthodox medical treatments. Students are encouraged to find efficient ways for

them to feel personally back in charge of their health and or, rehabilitation, no matter what the nature of their difficulties are.

In order to attain their achievable fitness goals whatever their health issues, student are invited to engage with their bodies, share laughter and challenges in these classes with no pressure to progress  in anyway other than to increase personal levels of fitness and well being.

Although these classes help people deal with health issues, we also welcome students who want to use yoga in the usual way to increase , strength , flexibility and resilience, benefiting from all the prophylactic  rewards that practicing yoga offers to all who take part



Opening Times

Opening Times: Tuesday Morning 10-30am to 11-45 am.
Wednesday Evening 7-15pm to 8-45 pm

Four ...free quarterly three hour Saturday workshops ...Survive, Recover, Rehabilitate,Thrive through Self - Awareness , Remedial Yoga & Mindfulness , Available to all students plus one guest who subscribe to a monthly Yoga or Mindfulness Subscription.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: St Nicholas Church Hall, Elmer Road , Middleton-on-Sea, West Sussex . PO22 7SX


11 Reviews/Comments on "Remedial Yoga & Mindfulness"

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katie harmar
Rating :
I joined Fae’s beginners yoga at the end of last year. I have never had any experience of yoga and wanted to join a group that was sympathetic to beginners. I had a stiff shoulder (possibly frozen) and felt generally unsupple and stiff. Fae has a beautiful voice and a natural way with people. I am learning to appreciate my body and be kinder to it. My arm and shoulder already have a greater range of movement and I am mainly out of pain. I have even convinced my boyfriend to join the group and he said he felt completely… Read more »
Bella Amison
Rating :
Survive through Self-Awareness Workshop – Saturday 5 March 2016 What a simply refreshing experience your Survive through Self-Awareness workshop was on Saturday. I arrived not knowing what to expect and with an open – somewhat curious – mind as to what ‘Survival would encompass and what I would gain myself from it and ….. true to Fae style – I was not disappointed. I came away at the end thoroughly cleansed of the tired old me, almost buzzing in fact, full of renewed energy both in body and mind and somehow warm and glowing inside – difficult to explain and… Read more »
Bella Amison
Rating :
Survival to Recovery Workshop – Saturday 21 May 2016 Wow and fantastic come to mind! You certainly did NOT disappoint in the second of your workshops. In fact I would go as far as saying you excelled. You came up trumps on the truly meaningful scale of Recovery. I didnt think you could improve on your first workshop – but you sure did. In this session you gave me renewed energy and the awareness to think more of and about myself. This session was more in depth with student participation and involvement making us think wholly and completely about ourselves.… Read more »
Bella Amison
Rating :
Survive through Self-Awareness Workshop – Saturday 28 January 2017 I participated in your ‘Survive through Self-Awareness’ Workshop and found to my surprise that it was a hugely positive success in my mind – ‘my mind’ being the operative word. I came to the Workshop with no great expectations apart from wanting to be ‘uplifted’ in some way and ‘to survive for at least another 30 years’ and yet again I was not disappointed. Fae – you delved into our inner being and brought to the surface anything and everything we faced in our daily lives, our fortunes, our misfortunes, our… Read more »
Masha White
Rating :
I have been going to Fae’s classes for a few years now. She starts each session the same way – but each session is different – because she listens to what each of us has to say and then works out a session that addresses every individual’s needs! She is a miracle worker! I went this morning with pain in lower back, hips and knees and also a headache. After an hour and 20 minutes of Fae’s brilliant mixture of yoga poses, stretches and interludes of relaxation and mindfulness I feel refreshed and restored. The best exercise class I have… Read more »
Doreen Benjamin
Rating :

I have just started Fae Howard’s yoga class not having done yoga for many years. I found her so caring and helpful. I really enjoy the class and am so pleased to have started again

Liesma Mezulis
Rating :
I have been attending Fae’s yoga sessions for over a year, starting as a beginner to yoga. Fae is a good teacher as she listens to each member of the group and tailors the class to various needs, though we often concentrate on one area, such as the immune, system or circulation, for the majority of the class. I feel far more flexible than I did a year ago. The class starts with a warm up,, leading to a squence of postures related to the areas of concern. There is a ‘challenge’ posture near the end of the class, which… Read more »
Helen Harman
Rating :

Hi Fae, Thank you for this mornings zoom session. I didn’t mind hearing Mywhenna barking infact it was lovely hearing her. You are a really super teacher Fae . I can feel your beautiful energy even on zoom so thank you. I’m enjoying the postures more. I ache doing them but they feel different as Ive said before I’m breathing into them and understanding yoga abit more . Thank you again Faexxxxxx

Julie Cruickshank
Rating :
I have been doing Fae’s yoga class for a couple of years now having been advised by my physiotherapist to try yoga, after a gap of many years, to increase flexibility and build up my muscle strength following surgery and with a couple of long standing issues. The group is very welcoming and inclusive, and as others have mentioned, each session starts with everyone relating any current problems they have. Fae then tailors the class to the specific needs expressed, but without letting us become complacent, I recently had a flare up of a long standing issue but, with Fae’s… Read more »
Rachel Welch
Rating :
Fae, amazing! thankyou so much for sending the zoom recordings from your daily practice sessions together. You are getting us all through this very odd time! so pleased to share in them  I completed today’s session from the recording and it was lovely to be able to do that after my workday as I can only join you at weekends! I have really noticed being quite stiff sitting at home working on the laptop. Now the zoom recordings are with me it really feels good so will continue to build in the practice you guys are doing after each day… Read more »
Angela Clarke
Rating :

I started Yoga with Fae after Christmas and very quickly knew this was the class for me.
The relaxation and meditation is very gentle but so powerful and helpful.
Once the lock down came we formed an on line daily session which has been invaluable through this challenging time. The daily postures and mindfulness has been a great focus, it’s lovely to see and hear our group and it’s very special. Thank you Fae xx

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