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Philomena Plunkett Kundalini Yoga

Pewsey, Wiltshire, sn9 5pj
Phone: 07919355035
5 based on 2 review(s).

Kundalini yoga was brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan 1968.
It is practical but very powerful. It works to bring balance and most of all the ability to remain calm and clear through life's challenges.

What you can expect from a class
Tuning In with Mantra 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo'

Breath (Pranayanma) Breath is the energy itself. When we learn how to breath consciously, we can calm our minds and master all aspects of our lives.

Kriya is an exact, dynamic combination of postures, (asana) breathing and sound. A complete system that balances body, mind, and soul, and increases mental clarity and physical vitality.

Meditation brings awareness and control of our thoughts. Using mantra (sacred sound current repeated aloud or silently) and mudra (sacred gestures) we can clear negative patterns and connect with our higher consciousness.

Tuning Out
With 'Long time Sunshine' and 3 Sat Nam

It has the power to reduce stress, anxiety and depression providing more space for living a harmonious life.

When attending a class it is advisable to bring water, blanket & yoga mat.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday evenings at Pewsham Chippenham

Wednesdays 9 - 5 by arrangement

Introduction 17th January Pewsham, Chippenham 11am - 12.30
Work shops and introduction days view website

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Pewsham, at Equilibrium SN15 3RS

Pewsey SN9 5PJ


2 Reviews/Comments on "Philomena Plunkett Kundalini Yoga"

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Annette Ward
Rating :

I started going to Philomena’s a Kundalini yoga classes 6 weeks ago after promising myself for a very long time to find a local class. I am so glad I did. The classes are welcoming and friendly and it has made such a difference to my stressful life. I am calmer, happier, have more energy and sleep much better. I have osteoarthritis in my hips and am so happy to have found something that is benefiting me to such an extent now that I am unable to do any high impact exercise

Jane Ann Butler
Rating :
Several years ago I bought the Mia Fiennes Kundalini Yoga dvd set, loved it but at that time tried to find a local class, but in vain. Many years later, with the dvd collecting dust, chance would have it that I stumbled upon Philomena’s Kundalini class at Pewsham. It is very enjoyable and you learn so much about breathing, mantras and kriyas, which you can practice away from the class. I’ve loved meditation for years and the addition of these wonderful mantras really benefit my “me time”. It’s a friendly, secure learning class where Philomena teaches in a clear and… Read more »

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