Yoga in Finsbury Park

The London Borough of Islington is a London borough in Inner London, England. The borough includes a significant area to the south which forms part of central London. Islington has an estimated population of 215,667. Wikipedia

  • 4D Clifton Terrace, London, City of London N4 3JP.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga class every Thursday 7.15-8.15 pm All level welcome!!Mats are provided!! Classes are at Premier Fitness Club N4…

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  • 240e Seven Sisters Road, London, Islington N4 2HX.

Join me for an energising vinyasa flow yoga class ! We will be working with cultivating core strength whilst allowing…

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  • London, Islington N4 2DH.

Learn the basics of Hatha yoga in this relaxed class for beginners. We will practice pranayama (breathing techniques), which help…

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  • 6 Tollington Park, London, City of London N4 3RF.

I offer classes that are based on the vinyasa flow style, with a strong emphasis on breath and mindfulness in…

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  • 210 Green Lanes, London, Islington N4 2HA.

Yoga literally means “union” in Sanskrit. “Ha” means sun and “Tha” means moon, Hatha yoga brings seemingly separate entities together…

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  • 12 Hornsey Rise, London, City of London N19 3SB.

Level 1 classes and periodic beginners courses, which teach you step by step, this increasingly influential system of hatha yoga.…

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  • 24 Granville Road, London, City of London N4 4EL.

Cost £7 per class I have been practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness for well over a decade now and the…

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  • Wedmore Street, London, Islington N19 4RD.

North London based Yoga teacher, providing: Mind Body Balance Less doing, more thinking! A yin style class with emphasise on…

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  • 20A Fairbridge Road, London, City of London N19 3HZ.

Accredited by both British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance, Dina has completed over 1000 hrs of training to date…

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  • 261 Holloway Road, London, City of London N7 8HF.

**Yoga Workshop for better sleep on July 5 3-5 pm. Email to book!** I run gentle flow classes for those…

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  • London, Haringey N4 1RE.

These classes explore the fundamentals of yoga postures, breathwork and meditation. Week by week we will bring our attention to…

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  • Yerbury Road, London, Islington N19 4RS.

‘Vinyasa’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘connection’ or ‘link’. In vinyasa flow yoga we connect the breath to the movement,…

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  • Stoke Newington Church Street, London, Hackney N16 9HJ.

Teaching in a calm, friendly, informative way, my classes allow individuals to focus on the self -for some often needed…

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  • 37A Saint John's Villas, London, City of London N19 3EE.

Yoga for Everyone – Vinyasa Flow – Restorative Yoga and Meditation I teach weekly public classes, Corporate Yoga (in your…

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  • 32A Battledean Road, London, City of London N5 1UZ.

Leyla has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and completed her 200 hour training with Yoga London. Her classes…

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  • 16 Parkhurst Road, London, City of London N7 0SF.

Mindful Movements was created by sisters Aya Jane and Hana Saotome. Having come from a background in professional dance, they…

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  • 104 Heddington Grove, London, Islington N7 9SZ.

We are a collective of nine licensed Yoga for the Special Child® practitioners and MahaDevi yoga centre is our home,…

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  • 71 Ronalds Road, London, Islington N5 1XB.

What is my style? Now that’s a question I am always asked, there are many styles of yoga.  I have read…

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  • 75 Ronalds Road, London, City of London N5 1XB.

Two Iyengar yoga teachers teach this small and friendly class. Open to all ages, abilities and gender. Beginners are welcome.

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  • 32 Inderwick Road, London, City of London N8 9LD.

My teaching focuses on developing strength, flexibility and balance in the core of your body, through yoga postures and breath…

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  • 1D Shelford Place, London, Hackney N16 9HS.

Friendly and welcoming yoga studio located in the heart of Stoke Newington. Offering various styles of yoga to all levels…

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  • 37 Duckett Road, London, City of London N4 1BJ.

The seeds for Yoga and Meditation were first planted in Yan’s life at age 9, though it wasn’t until later…

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  • 21 Mattison Road, London, Haringey N4 1BD.

Yoga Parinama offers Hatha & Vinyasa Flow and Pregnancy Yoga classes in N8 and N4 suitable for different levels. Classes…

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  • Lordship Road, London, Hackney N16 0QP.

Abi Clancey offers a creative & calming space to help you on your journey of self-discovery & self-understanding. When you…

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  • 131 Highbury Grove, London, Islington N5 1HR.

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, during which time it’s transformed my life, mind and body. I…

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  • 131 Highbury Grove, London, Islington N5 1HR.

In our fast paced, over stimulated lives, taking time for ourselves has become more important then ever before. Yoga and…

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  • 131 Highbury Grove, London, Islington N5 1HR.

Private yoga classes – please contact me for availability.   I’m a calm, compassionate teacher. I’ve been teaching yoga for…

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  • 131 Highbury Grove, London, Islington N5 1HR.

Yoga has been part of my life for 14 years, I believe strongly in it’s transformative power and find that…

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  • 55 Anson Road, London, Islington N7 0AR.

I teach small group classes (max 6 for the general class, 5 for pregnancy yoga and 4 for mummy &…

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  • 2 Carriage Place, London, Hackney N16 9JX.

Italian Yoga Teacher

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