Yoga in Stornoway / Steòrnabhagh

Stornoway is a town on the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The town's population is around 8,000, making it the largest town in the Hebrides, with a third of the population of the civil parish of Stornoway, which includes various nearby villages and has a population of approximately 12,000. Wikipedia

  • Stornoway, Stornoway / Steòrnabhagh, Western Isles .

Hi! My name is Emma and I love to teach Yoga! I teach Hatha Yoga, a gentle, flowing style incorporating…

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  • Stornoway / Steòrnabhagh, Western Isles HS2 9JE.

Scaravelli-inspired. First Class Is Free. Based on the beautiful ancient landscape in the Outer Hebrides. But now can be accessed…

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