“Opening the body, Opening your heart !”

Breath, Posture, Shoulders, Neck, Spine ? What is the connection ? Could Yoga help ?

Wild thing is a celebration of joy. This pose requires both flexibility and strength. It opens the heart up toward the sky, allowing us to tap into the energy of love, joy, playfulness and compassion. It is a backbend with focus on the shoulders, front & back body, legs, and core. It uplifts you literally. 

Why focus on neck, chest & shoulders ? How many many people have shoulders, back or neck issue ? Working on a computer, driving, old habits, poor posture,  stress… all contribute to tightness and aches in those areas. Our front body get tight, our shoulders come forward, rounding our posture.  The chest collapse. Our neck and spine come under pressure from misalignment. Our back muscles become weak. Our shoulder range is not as free and so on. How to find the balance ?

Our head may come forward. Out of alignment brings neck and back strain. Our shoulders lose full range of movement. other muscles overcompensate leading to more imbalance in the body. It is like a “domino” effect. When our chest tightens, our breathing quality is seriously affected and  our mood and energy level change. You may feel tired  or down. The digestive system may not perform as well as a tight front puts pressure on the organs. Shoulders, neck and back start to feel uncomfortable and achy. Trying to perform a backbend with a tight front body is not such a good idea. Your arms and shoulders won’t have the freedom of movement to allow extension and your lower back will most likely be compromised and take most of the strain. Ouch ! 

You may think strengthening is a good idea. Yes it is if done correctly. Why not ask yourself first which area needs to be opened and stretched to create space in the body ?  When you let go of tension, open chest, shoulders, upper back to recreate space and mobility, you allow the body back in balance. You improve posture and your sense of well-being. you feel more comfortable in our own skin and move with more ease. You breathe better and find a new level of energy. You feel happier.

In my classes, I use a mix of breath, somatics and yoga to achieve the best results.  It starts with a gentle exercises of the breath and body to open and mobilise. It ends with a soothing relaxation. Clients may find the practice challenging sometimes but always leave with a smile feeling so much better, relaxed and alive. Modifications are available to accommodate everyone. The practice is  to bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs.

1st group class is free. I offer various classes online such as beginner’s yoga, non-beginners yoga, dynamic morning yoga, meditation, Somatics or relaxation. Yoga online via Zoom during COVID-19 confinement. Classes Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. To book, Pls email yogawithbelletw@gmail.com to receive your Zoom link 24hrs prior to class.

To find out more, check www.yogawithbelle.co.uk

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