Amethyst Tree of Life Necklace – Silver



A gorgeous amethyst in a tree of life necklace that contains a wire wrapped ring woven to form a tree shape, with gemstone chips designed as leaves. This necklace is created using amethyst chips. Amethysts are a beautiful variation of quartz in purple. This necklace is composed of natural gemstone chips, so we made sure that every individual necklace will be unique. Colorful purple-toned jewelry that has a soft vibrant design without being loud. A dainty silver wire contrasts the colorful stones and creates superb looking tree branches. This comes in a silvery snake chain that can also be interchangeable for a chain that will suit your liking. 

Amethyst: It protects us from having a bad dream and also helps in aiding meditation. It comes with spiritual higher consciousness and awakening and is often placed on altars. Connected with the Crown Chakra and mostly used in healing. Amethysts have a variation of colors from purple light lavender to a dark purple that is almost black. Amethyst cleanses the aura and the negative influences. This is also used to clean a person’s energy and uncloud damaging worldly bond. This is a great choice to grab during your meditations when you need to let go of physical desires. 

About the Tree of Life 

The tree of life refers to a spiritual representation throughout the world. It is common in Celtic spirituality and Scandinavian, also in eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. In Nordic tradition, the tree symbolizes all the kingdom or horizon of the universe. In Buddhism, it represents the banyan tree under which Buddha gained his wisdom. It also symbolizes outer and inner development, as well as the significance of powerful roots. Besides, some use this tree as a symbolism of life and to remind them of their inner relationship with the environment and their scope for spiritual and personal growth.

Product Details:

  • Gorgeous amethyst in a tree of life necklace
  • Silver wire with plating
  • Leaves made of Gemstone
  • Amethyst chips of natural kind
  • Measures 35 mm



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