Anahata Hand Painted Yin Yang Yoga Leggings – Burgundy




The newest addition to our Hand-painted Collections is these lovely Anahata Yin Yang Yoga Leggings. These are created with all-natural cotton consist of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra content. It comes with this lovely deep and warm burgundy color which has a unique burnout style done during fabric processing. These amazing structure figure with holistic detailing along the waist which gives luxurious comfort to whom will wear. These leggings have a broad ankle band, which can be folded or pulled up to create a different look. The cut-out ‘v’ detailing at the front attracts attention to these pieces of structure, and with its widen waistband these leggings are very practical in your asana practice.

Unique screen-printed yin yang located at its right calf in this slate grey giving great contrast with the gold paint that emphasizes the printed mantras. We put Mantras around the thigh and calf area to compliment the figure and draw attention downwards. It can be washable in a machine and the paintings will surely not fade or wear away. All our hand-painted collections are known for their long-lasting effectiveness. This kind of collection has been going on for nearly 8 years now so we can assure you that you can buy and wear it with confidence. The fabric is sturdy and smooth to touch and gentle to the skin.

You can match this with our delightful Chaturanga Bamboo Top for a style that can be worn during yoga practices or even off the mat. You can also wear them with boots or ballet flats if you want. Put it together with a lovely silky smooth pashmina on and you are on the go for a perfect evening. You can still achieve that spiritually minded look and style! We took our pride in making such wonderful yoga activewear that can still work when you’re not practicing yoga so that you can achieve the comfort you want from your yoga leggings day-by-day anywhere!

Product Features

  • Lovely deep burgundy leggings
  • Cut out waist detail
  • Extra soft, comfortable, stretchy, and breathable fabric
  • Holistic Yin Yang print located in the calf
  • Sacred Mantra prints with artistic hand-painted accents
  • Om symbol that accentuates the thigh

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10, 12, 14, 8


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