Artisan Ganesha Carving – Slate Mani Stone, Hand Carved



A relaxing Ganesha carving with delightful imprint detailing, which includes a little mouse in the illustration. A tangible and unique carved item that is handcrafted with a light grey slate finish. An ideal palm-sized at 4 by 2.5 inches. Its base has a raw and smooth polish. Each item is meticulously hand-carved, so each piece has its unique artisan craftmanship. You will be delighted running your fingers on its every groove. All created by a young man we have met along with our trip in Nepal, who also let us take a picture of him while working!

The art piece has a stunning texture and stones that add weight to it, which feels perfect in the palm during relaxation. Putting these on your altar and mantle to give honor to Ganesha, will bring you the toughness to overcome your hardships. It will also be perfect for outdoor decoration as well in Yoga spaces. These will look beautiful in a rock garden or it produces a marvelous black sheen while raining.

Slate is traditionally used for various Buddhist carvings like the Mani stones, stacked by temples on roadsides and roadsides. Its name was derived from Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra, referring to the different sorts of stones. This mantra’s relief carving has different painted colors and is the most popular Mani stone. The back layer has a smooth surface while the top area may contain an image or pattern. But you can expect that the image serves as the default top layer. You can also look around to see our other spiritual artworks.

About Ganesh/Ganesha: Referred as the eliminator of obstacles. The deity of intellect and wisdom, as well as the patron of arts and sciences. He is admired at the ceremonies as the God of beginnings and the start of rites. Often illustrated with a mouse that represents human vices and uncertainty.

Product Features:

  • Hand-carved Ganesha carving from a local artisan in Nepal
  • Grey slate finish
  • Palm-sized of 4 × 2.5 inches
  • Perfect as an outdoor and indoor decoration
  • Ideal for an altar and mantelpiece or in the garden area
  • Straight from the artisans



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