Artisan Large Recycled Embroidery Pink Hippy Patchwork Handbag


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This lovely hippy patchwork handbag in a delightful pink color is exquisitely fabricated from recycled beadwork pieces and embroidery in a unique vintage style. Its overall body is patterned in sequined style and also embroidered into a chic fashion. The attached square cutouts are highlighted by patches around the border, giving a dazzling touch to it. Then is a hanging tassel that adds to the total look and texture. Just below the tassel, the beaded trim brings a slight funky touch.

This shoulder bag has two broad straps for a pleasant experience, with a zipper at the topmost for secure closure. The cutout part makes the bag accessible when worn on its shoulder. The 4 inches gusset offers extra space for your belongings to fit. You will also like the inside surface since it is made with high-quality cotton. 

Check out other hippy backpacks on our page which also have the same vibe of artwork from some real artisan work. With its remarkable and intricate work on the panel, it’s worth checking the stunning genuine artisan works. What’s even more amusing is that no one will ever have the same bag as yours! So if you’re into a hippy but artistic bag, then this is for you. 

Due to the uniqueness of the product’s nature, some patches may have different beads or sequins. But we can guarantee that the authenticity in each bag!

Product Features:

  • 4 inches bottom
  • Broad and comfortable straps with a secured zip closure
  • Intricate design with beads and tassel trim
  • Recycled patchwork made from unique embroidered pieces
  • 100% unique with each hippy patchwork handbag 



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