Artisan Large Recycled Orange Hippy Patchwork Handbag


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Calling this orange hippy patchwork handbag is an underplaying for such a wonderful bag like this! It is assembled and reprocesses from a beadwork piece and vintage embroidery. In that fashion, we can guarantee that every item is special. All our bags have contained a compartment that is fabricated with sequined, and embroidered in a high-quality design. The cutout squares have a specific style that is emphasized by the patched bordering around it, adding a lovely effect to the top. Along with it are pieces of the tassel with creating a distinct movement and appearance. Beneath the tassel, a beaded trim adds a groovy detail.

For build comfort and support, this lovely shoulder bag has two wide straps, with a zipper that secures the closure. Its cutout detail provides access to carry it on your shoulder. The gusset is outlined to be sizeable in its 4 inches width which is generous enough for makeup kits, wallet, keys, and smartphone! You are so lucky because the bag’s inside lining is made from 100% cotton, comfort is a promise!

Check out our hippy backpack selection which has similar artwork. You can also check other stunning artisan craftsmanship found in our gallery. You will be stunned by the complex details on each panel! You can be sure to have a unique bag! And If you’re searching wide for that hippy or bohemian vibe for a bag but want a significant artistic flair this bag is made for you! 

Each of the items may have varied due to its availability, each work of art is furnished in a unique and vintage way. This means that some types of patches can have missing sequins and beads. It may affect the bag’s overall look, but the art is there!

Product Features:

  • Spacious handbag with a base measuring 4 inches wide
  • Secured zipper and comfortably wide straps
  • Lovely embroidered materials recycled from patchworks
  • Beaded and Tasseled trim
  • Unique patchwork handbag



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