Bhakti Yoga Leggings – Black, Organic




Our Bhakti seamless Yoga Leggings are a real treat to your skin, it is made from this natural cotton base with a combination of elastane and polyamide. They have a very lovely mandala and sacred om detail located on the legs within its jacquard which create a spiritual flair. Together with the high-quality organic cotton content, this lovely seamless pair of leggings are very stretchable and have that great fit support. Its fabric is created with the high-technology moisture-absorbing tech of our seamless clothing. These leggings will keep you dry and comfortable while you are on the yoga mat doing stretches or even when you’re at the gym. The fabric is stretchable, soft, and breathable as compared to some plastic leggings which are very restricting. These leggings can be wear on daily use and stay on the go throughout your entire day. With the exact bounce that increases movement from stretches to stretches, these will be a lovely addition to your wardrobe. The patterning style defines the legs and stretches as you move with you without distorting. The combination of black and gold elevate the look and hence has become the favorite of some yoga lover. It has a motif of Mandala on the right leg and a sacred OM spiritual symbol in notable orange on the other side. Mandala helps us with healing and assist in transforming ordinary minds to become more enlighten while OM’s spiritual symbol is the sound of all creation. We more often try to rave a yogic spirit in our clothing which will help to enhance our mindset during practice

These are certainly the pair you will want to wear casually at the gym or the studio! Get ready to receive a lot of compliments!


Product Details

  • Natural and sustainable cotton content
  • Moisture-absorbing and will keep you dry 
  • Organic nontoxic chemicals and helps with soils fertility
  • Versatile pair that you can wear anywhere
  • A combination of cotton polyamide and elastane gives a supportive fit.
  • Comfortable seamless and better-looking fabric    

Additional information


UK 12-14, UK 8-10


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