Black Slate Stone Bracelet With Gold Buddha Head – Stretch Elastic



The beads have a silky burnish to touch with the accent of a marvelous gold-tone Buddha head. A well-polished black stone bracelet that is created from a black color slate. The bracelet is also a loop on a stretchable elastic string, to be slip on and off easily. The gold plated design of the Buddha bead contributes to a wonderful variation to matte and earthy black tone. A distinct black onyx bead is placed opposing to the Buddha head bead. You don’t usually encounter jewelry created from slate, despite how good it feels on the skin. In crystal healing, slate brings revitalization and balancing lost energy. The beads remain cold for a while after wearing them on. It is so satisfying that you will find your fingers running over the soft and cold surface. Wear as a piece of spiritual jewelry or wear for Yoga practice. These bracelets make a delightful gift to your friends.

Buddha Head Meaning: Buddha’s head symbolizes social and spiritual awareness, meditation, and knowledge. When looking upon Buddha we are often reminded to live more kindly. Even just seeing the face of the Buddha motivate a sense of contentedness and calmness. Even to non-Buddhists, Buddha art and statues are very popular, because of how it gives calming energy to space. The Buddha brings an innate feeling of peace. In Buddha’s head representation, various parts of the head have different aspects of Buddhist thinking. 

Slate in Crystal Healing: slate is commonly used to introduce balance to Chakras. The absorption of light and density properties of slate makes it a great contemplation between any other stones. This is also used to stop crystal energies from affecting each other. In most traditions especially in art and communication, they use slate to help show yourself in an unbiased and balanced way.

Product Details:

  • Bracelet with a black stone
  • Created from polish black slate
  • Gold Buddha head accent bead
  • Conveniently stretchable and elastic



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