Brocade Yoga Mat Bag – Unique, Patchwork, Multi



This brocade yoga mat bag has patchwork that is one-of-a-kind! This cool design comprises unique compilations of brocade with vibrant colors and a sleek design given off by the fabric. The pattern is delicate and flowing, with golden and silver stitches behind the silk luster.

With the vibrant colors of woolen tassels connected to pull string closure, there is nothing plain about this bag! It also has a phone compartment and ring right on the strap. Indeed, you can have a fashioned bag just like the ones you use in a workout bag. On top of it, the texture itself is so comfy to the touch.

Take Note: All these bags are considered to be unique, so there might be some variations. But in terms of color family, you can expect to have little to no difference as your chosen bag would be the same as you see in the product image.

Product Features:

  • Unique design on each item
  • Contains phone pocket and keyring
  • Water-proof surface
  • Has Drawstring and Detailed tassel



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