Bronze Ganesha Statue – Stylized Cast Metal Figure



A bronze Ganesha statue has a beautiful cast and detailed carving. It has stylistic and oversized ears to show that he hears our prayers. His right palm with Om symbol represents blessings. All parts of its body have an attractive and detailed pattern. These patterns have repeating curves surrounding the base as well as the body. Statues like these are delicately cast from a mold of a carving by pouring a liquid metal on it.

It also adds beauty to a meditation room or yoga space, uplifting the space’s energy and improving the atmosphere. Deity statues are popular in Asian households, with offerings to shrines at home. People love to put lights and flowers around these statues, a brilliant idea patronized in western homes.

About Ganesha:

Widely recognized by the Hindu pantheon, Ganesha has been popularized as a patron deity. It is a delightful elephant God and Goddess Parvati’s son. He brings success over obstacles and new beginnings. He is also considered the God of intellect and wisdom, making him the patron of schools and workplaces. It is also depicted to have a small mouse that resembles devotion, doubts, or vices. It serves as the mount which Ganesha rides on.

What Ganesha’s Body Parts Symbolize: Naturally, elephants serve as the animal kingdom’s pathfinders. Just like elephants, his large body spiritually paves the way so others can follow through. It also has large ears devoted to hearing our prayers. Whereas, his tusks describes the emotion and wisdom of the human aspect. A right tusk represents wisdom while the left one affects emotion. If the left tusk is impaired, this means that a person must give attention to emotion. Lastly, his round belly encompasses the whole universe and all the spiritual realms.

Product Details

  • Bronze Ganesha statue has big stylistic ears
  • Cast bronze with detailed patterns
  • Weighs around 1.7 kg
  • Measures 16 cm from ear to ear
  • Height of 12 cm



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