Buddha Door Handle – Nepalese Brass


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Get that heavy, decorated temple door that gives a homey vibe, with this brass finished Buddha door handle. Matched with a unique design of a Buddha’s head that extends into a door handle. The Buddha has closed eyes with a clear, soothing facial expression. This handle knob has a smooth and well-built design. The Brass finish also has antimicrobial properties, so is a significant alternative to ceramic and wood. Both of the ends of the handle has a hole drilled for you to easily affix the handle to your door. Just simply screw or nail it into your door for a more secure attachment. These are cast in brass and very much heavy, so we advise you to attach them properly and securely. These can be connected to internal or external doors and also suitable for any heavy cupboards.

A home fixture that looks perfect along with any kind of wood. The color of the metal will surely match with your furnish due to its matte finish and neutral gleam. If you want to make it shinier, you can polish them up. Buddhist or Buddha enthusiast will be loving these as their door handle for that spiritual home décor vibe. Buddha’s presence brings a great sense of serenity, that why it is very popular as altarpieces and home decorations.

Buddha Head Meaning: Buddha’s head symbolizes social and spiritual awareness, meditation, and knowledge. When we see a Buddha structure we are being reminded to be mindful of our actions toward others and be more kind. Even just glancing upon Buddha’s face uplift a sense of contentedness and calmness. Even to non-Buddhists, these arts and statues are very popular, because of the calmness of energy it gives in a space. The feeling that a Buddha brings is very pure. In Buddha head illustration, different parts of the head symbolizes various aspects of Buddhist thinking. 

Product Description

  • Heavy and durable temple door handles
  • Cast in a brass finish
  • Buddha head design door handles
  • Drilled holes for easy attachment 
  • Approximate weight of 0.65 kg/1.35 pound
  • Length of 23 cm, Width 8 cm



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