Carved Buddha Head Mask Wall Hanging – Ceramic, Hand Engraved


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A Buddha head has a deep red color and is carved by the hand. This serene carving has a mask style with a ring to allow hanging it on the wall. A detailed hand is engraved and covers the whole piece, and the mask can stand up on its own when placed in a mantel or altar. Then, the white color of the base stands out among the red stains behind the surface, creating an attractive contrast against the textures and clay. The Buddha’s eyes show meditation, so the eyes are half-open. Lots of Buddhism schools that practice meditation has Buddhas that have eyes half-open yet unfocused.

The spiritual symbols are inspiring with decorative neck and brow. Some examples of the brow are Auspicious Symbols of the Buddhist while Tibetan’s Om Mani Padme Hum is the most common example of a neck. Overall, the decorative masterpiece brings warmth, calmness, and peaceful energy to a Yoga space or a home.

Auspicious Symbols

Auspicious symbols represent the sacrifices to Shakyamuni Buddha upon receiving enlightenment. The piece beings luck and depicts Conch (Dharma’s melody), Lotus (purity), Treasure Vessel(wealth, health, and longevity) as well as Victory Banner (triumph after struggles on the way to enlightenment).

Meaning of the Buddha Head: The Buddha’s head resembles social and spiritual awareness, meditation, and knowledge. Whenever we look at them, they remind us to live with kindness and consciousness. They encourage a sense of contentment and calmness. What makes Buddha monuments and artworks so popular both to the Buddhists and non-Buddhists is because they innately neutralize the space’s energy. In some depictions of a Buddha’s head, each part of the head has a corresponding representation of Buddhist thinking. Some explanations of other Buddha statues are also found on our website.

Details of a Hand Carved Buddha Head

  • Beautifully cast in a resin clay
  • Engraved with a detailed pattern and spiritual symbols
  • Resembles the third eye, auspicious symbols, and Devi’s eyes
  • Depicts the Tibetan’s Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra
  • Handcrafted and Fairtrade by the artists from Nepal
  • Measures 30 cm in length and 18cm in width (from ear to ear)



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