Cast Bronze Medicine Buddha Statue With Covered Base



Level up the mood of your space with an artistic unique piece of metalwork. A beautiful unique detailed statue of the Medicine Buddha with a bronze antique finish statue with a covered base. A solid and heavy structure statue that would be superb inclusion to your altar. This statue is composed of cast metal with a metal sheet shaped towards its wide base. The casting is detailed with a brushed antique texture. With an incredibly proficient work that is made using conservative methods. Tremendous detailed craftmanship with a calming aura and a delightful presence. 

We have a variety of statues displayed in our Buddha Boutique store. The collection includes different kinds of deities and Buddha statues. You can check it out to have a guide on some of the different types of Buddhas structures. Put the Medicine Buddha on your altar to motivate spiritual and emotional healing, and also to welcome bodily healing. Most statues in our home are showcased not just to look beautiful but also to help us be reminded to keep our spiritual headspace upbeat. All our bronze work has been crafted mostly in Nepal by a local artist using traditional methods.

About The Medicine Buddha

You will encounter this statue of Buddha in some homes mostly because it improves the wellness of the occupants, and it also keeps negative energies away from home. It is also common in areas of healing whether emotional, spiritual, or physical. The palm facing upward symbolizes stability and also represent uninterrupted meditation. The plant in the statue the Buddha is holding represents all the world’s medicines. Some use Medicine Buddha statues in praying and display in meditation rooms. It acts as a holy space to deliver healing mantras. In some cases, medicine Buddhas are presented with blue skin with Lapis Lazuli stones set into them.

Product Details

  • Highly structured Buddha statue
  • Bronze finish Medicine buddha statue with the base covered
  • Detailed local artisan craftsmanship
  • Height 23.5cms, Width(of base) 17.5cm, Depth(of base)10cm
  • Approximately 3 kg/6.6 pound
  • Crafted in Nepal by local artist



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