Chakra Flags – Spiritual Chakra Prayer Indoor/Outdoor Flags



A delightful string of colorful flags to strap in your home spaces, or anywhere in the garden. These flags lighten up any space, it can level up a barbecue area or any blooming allotment. These are a great summer garden staple and gives an extra vibe to your outdoor spaces. You can hang it on the branches of a tree or in any shrubs to give that festive vibe to your space. By tying these across your ceiling you can instantly add spiritual energy to your yoga studio or yoga room. These can also be a beautiful spiritual gift idea that fits any occasion.

The Chakra flags can be very supportive in your mantras for any meditation or yoga space, that will help you get in the zone! All the seven Chakras have symbols and printed mantras to help in promoting happiness, love, peace, and balance. These quality products are fabricated with soft cotton material with edges neatly stitched. We have these flags overhanging at our store and they look fantastic!

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Product Features:

  • The string of the flags are 21.5 x 30 cm or about 8.5 × 12.5 inches
  • All with unique Chakra colors
  • With each mantra individually printed on Chakra flags
  • Can be hung anywhere around your space
  • Inspirational quotes to uplift your spiritual feeling



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