Chakra Hand Painted Yoga Outfit, Black




These delightful two-piece yoga tops and yoga pants will be a great perfect Chakra Yoga Outfit in this lovely deep black canvas. With the sacred chakras, all 7 creative hand-painted the legs to give them a fashionable and representative detail. This beautiful black backdrop will give a perfect contrasting detail in all original 7 Chakra colors a chance to be shine. These yoga tops and yoga pants are generated and designed by yoga instructors, so they will feel very comfortable and top of the line. You will able to practice efficiently without worrying about distractions of bunching or slipping clothing. It is created with a bootleg at the end of the pants which supports you to move and yet provides you with the support just where you need it. 

Also, these yoga outfits can wear and sold separately.

Product Features:

  • Two-piece of yoga outfit collection
  • With built-in extra support
  • Bootleg at the end of the pants
  • Stretchable and breathable fabric
  • All 7 artistically hand-painted on legs

Additional information


10, 12, 14, 8



Bottom Length

31" inseam


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