Chakra Incense Set of 7 Fragrances – 210 sticks



Chakra incense with a set of all seven Chakra, containing 210 incense sticks naturally hand-rolled. This bundle comes with metal storage tins that you can used multiple times that will keep your incense sticks from breaking. We also provide incense sets for each of the individual Chakras, all contain their distinct scents for meditation at home. Spice up your Kundalini Yoga practice or grant an extra element to your Chakra meditations that will bring you more focus. Each of the scents formulations is carefully selected with plant extracts, natural herbs, and resins. Just light the end of the stick and put it in the holder that comes in the package. Light it for at least 30 to 40 minutes for a more lovely experience. Please be reminded to put your incense sticks away from any surfaces that can cause a fire.

For the Chakra lover, this set makes a unique gift and a great addition to your yoga room and yoga studio. Each of the fragrances can be matched with your meditation session so we strongly recommend that you try all one after the other, to know and indulge in different fragrances while meditating.

Product Details:

  • Crown Chakra incense set with 210 sticks that come in a handy incense holder
  • Lotus fragrance blend
  • Burning time for at least 30 to 40 minutes
  • Multiple-use storage tin
  • Perfect meditation aid and gift idea



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