Chakra temporary Tattoos- Limited Edition!

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These Temporary tattoos are simply spirited it is like an accessory for the skin. These are healing meditation yoga-inspired tattoos. Our artist has generated bright artistic shimmery chakra in its original colors and also added tones of silver and gold for embellishment. You can see in pictures how it radiate energy and how it is on the skin.

You can place them anywhere you want it. As long as you don’t rub them it will last up to 3 to 5 days. They will look completely beautiful and striking stylish that make a statement when wearing it on. In that case, they can also make a yoga statement! Wear one at parties or even on yoga classes. The card’s back with seven chakra tattoos plus a magnificent om all contain easy to understand instructions that will require a minute to understand.

The beautiful colors of the rainbow and its stylish tattoos will allow you to stand out as a yogi. Try them now!

Sahasrara– know as Crown or Crown chakra symbolizes consciousness, universal consciousness, spirituality, the highest knowledge. 

Ajna, Stirnckakra– know as the Third Eye which symbolizes willpower, intuition, perception, knowledge

Visuddha– or neck and throat chakra symbolizes expression in communication, openness, inspiration

Anahata– know as the heart chakra which symbolizes warmth, warmth, healing, relationship

Manipura– solar plexus or umbilical chakra symbolizes wisdom, will, personality, power,

Svadhistana– sexual or sacral chakra symbolizes enthusiasm, sexuality, creativity, emotions 

Muladhara-base or root chakra symbolizes stability, survival, assertiveness, instincts, basic trust


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