Chakra Yoga Mat Bag – Black, Embroidered



This stylish canvas of spacious Chakra yoga mat bag is Fabricated from 100% soft cotton. This yoga mat bag has water-resistant lining so you can bring this along with your travel in all climates. The delightful colors of the Sanskrit symbols and Chakras contribute to style and liveliness to the bag. For your convenience, this bag also features pockets made to fit as a compartment for your clothes and towels, water bottles, and technical devices. There is also pockets with zipper for your cash and loose change. The distinct design of the embroidery presents an additional depth of black color on the outside.

This mat bag can bring most of your yoga mats. The sturdiness of the item will be a lasting companion. This bag can be open with a zipper and it has a holder for the key that is placed on the belt. You can find a handle inside to hold this all-around yoga mat bag. So you can either carry it across your shoulder or just simply grab the handle. Featuring a wide space for two regular-sized folded mats together with some yoga clothing this mat bag is just so perfect! Overall a hefty and gorgeous, but also a very useful yoga mat bag.


  • With a Keyholder
  • Inside pocket with zipper
  • Water bottle and tech device pocket
  • Water-resistant bag
  • 100% Cotton canvas
  • Unique embroidered detail
  • Delightful Chakra symbols
  • Size about 78 cm x 18 cm x 54 cm



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