Chakra Yoga Pants – Hand Painted, Black




These amazing Chakras are intricately hand-painted at the leg of these delightful yoga pants, on this deep black super soft material. You can enjoy the flattering effect of bootcut style. Each of all 7 Chakra shows complex detail in its original Sanskrit colors and symbols. One of the most favorite products used in yoga practices for good reason! These yoga pants are amazingly sturdy and washable through a machine. This is ideal for your activewear or any kind of practice on or off the mat.

Black is a very versatile canvas, You can mix and interchange with any of our hand-painted camisoles to find the perfect yoga outfit that suits your liking. You can also purchase a Chakra outfit with organic embroidered Chakra top as well.

Product Features:

  • Made from 95% Cotton and 5% Lycra content
  • Delightful hand-painted chakra
  • Easy machine wash
  • Sacred Om symbol prints

Additional information


10-31" inseam, 12-31" inseam, 14-31" inseam, 8-31: inseam




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