Comfort Flow Yoga Pants – Black, Harem




These delightful flowy and loose-fitting harem yoga pants are made from a super soft and smooth viscose Lycra. These are the ultimate comfort yoga pants that you can wear anytime and anywhere! They are so far the comfiest piece of yoga flow pants you can ever experience. Wearing it is like you are in the clouds for a yoga lover who likes to lounge!

These yoga pants are favorable to most figures and can be styled low to mid-waist. Wide its elasticated cuffs, this harem pant will hold in its place during yoga practice and inversion. These admirable balloon detail cuts with a lovely gathering style and broad pleat elasticated waist yoga belt create an excellent stretch that looks wonderful. These great pants are perfect for yoga stretches.

On someone with a slender figure, this belt will give various looks on the waist, and to some with a curvy shape, it will surely flatter them. The belt gives a flattering waistline and hugs your waist and bottom. You can create a unique look by folding or pulling it up or down your calves. The loose crotch area gives a feeling of harem pants and lets you move around freely. Perfect for practicing yoga stretches or lounging in.

Available in black, white, and deep plum purple colors.

Once you’ve experienced wearing Harem Yoga Pants, you wouldn’t want to take these off. Check out our lotus seamless tops for a modern look and comfortable outfit.

Product Features:

  • Made from 95% Viscose and 5% Lycra
  • Organic and natural fibers
  • Breathable lounge and yoga pants
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Stylish wide belt
  • Extra soft and gentle to the skin

Additional information


UK 8-10 old extra small size, UK 12-14, UK 8-10




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