Cotton Meditation Wrap With Hatha Yoga Sequence – White



This meditation cotton wraps up or hanging has an embellishment order of traditions in Hatha Yoga. Drape this around yourself while meditation for a more light and gentle hugging feeling. Each individual figure is framed by instructions and text, printed traditionally. Find yourself wearing this super comfortable accessory to elevate your look as well as good meditation support.

Its size is large enough to enclose your entire body including the head area while you sit. Fabricated from 100% cotton, that works well as a lovely scarf in your meditation aid. The scarf is functional as well as inspiring for its unique prints. For more options, you can pin this to your wall for reference and guide to your yoga space.

Use it together with our Purifying Moksh incense for more cleansing and purifying meditation practice. Meditation aids are good ways to incorporate rituals into your meditation sessions. Pairing our incense with meditation wraps is a lovely way to have your mind focus more and get you into a meditation state. The more you give time to your ritual and repetitions, the more possibility you stick with it! Sessions will be more effective when rehearsing regularly.

Product Features:

  • Fabricated in 100% cotton
  • Illustrations of Hatha Yoga order of tradition
  • Extra large size almost single sheet
  • You can use it as a wrap-up or hanging



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