Crown Chakra Incense Set With Holder – For Spirituality



Sahasrara Crown is a natural Chakra incense set in hand-rolled incense sticks set of the ’30s. It comes in an eco-friendly metallic storage holder to render the incense sticks safe and sanitary. The 7 sets of chakras offer a unique fragrance ideal for home and meditation use. Level up your Kundalini Yoga practice or give an extra spice of element to your Chakra meditations to help you draw your attention more. Each scent is meticulously formulated with plant extracts, natural herbs, and resins. Burning time is at least 30 to 40 minutes. Just simply light the tip of the incense and put it in the holder that comes with the package and you can now indulge in your yoga session! Please be mindful to put your incense away from any surfaces that can cause a flame.

About The Crown Chakra

The Crown of Chakra is the highest Chakra that encloses spiritual connection. It is located directly on top of the head which is the topmost point of our body. The Crown Chakra can also cover the matters of beauty inside and out or how we present ourselves to other people. Give your focus on this Chakra if recently you feel that reflecting is more difficult to achieve. Also, If you are dwelling with insecurities in your physical appearance this chakra is perfect for you. Try this if you want that wholeness of the spirit as well as harmony in mind.

Product Details:

  • Crown Chakra incense set with 30 natural sticks together with the holder
  • Lotus scented blend
  • 30 to 40 minute of burning time
  • Eco-friendly storage tin
  • Perfect gift idea and meditation aid



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