Crystal Pendulum for Crystal Healing – Silver




The crystal pendulum has a smooth gemstone orb in the middle. Its silver-plated built is strung on a long chain with a smooth metallic point finish. A smooth point can be found underneath it which indicates the direction of a pendulum. Primarily, it is used for healing and making decisions via dowsing techniques. If you want to wear the pendulum as a necklace, simply take it off the chain!

Properties of the crystals:

Tigers Eye: Known for being a protective stone, this striped gold and brown crystal brings luck and encourage you to surpass hardships. It has been popularized as a pendulum that enables you to face experiences fairly while refraining to be clouded by your emotions. This stone shines when light strikes through and is primarily associated with Solar Plexus Chakra but also with other lower chakras.

Rose Quartz: Connected with Heart Chakra, rose quartz is a stone widely known for its ability to lower anxiety and calm one’s mind. Those are the very reason why lots of people carry it in their pockets wherever they go. It has a high association with love, whether platonic or romantic. This dusky stone has clear pink color (sometimes clouded) and may also represent inner harmony and friendships. Its variants include Amethyst as well as Citrine. 

Product Details:

  • A beautiful orb shape crystal pendulum 
  • Useful for dowsing, meditation, and crystal healing
  • A long chain with a central orb inside 
  • Tapered and smooth metallic point
  • Removable pendulum
  • Can be worn as a pendant


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rose quartz, tigers eye


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