Crystal Point Necklace – Silver, Various Gemstones




A crystal point necklace features a natural gemstone. Each pendant has a crystal point with a decorative cap connected to its chain. This pendant is removable for switching strings and has a lobster clasp on its back. The accessory points are well-polished so you can expect a comfortable experience. This gorgeous necklace is designed for crystal healing for a friend or oneself that can be carried around anywhere! Crystals are known for their spiritual discipline and crystal healing, provoking wonderful resurgence in the modern world. We also offer other variants of gemstone bracelets that have excellent use for Yoga and healing.

Properties of crystals:

Onyx: This type of crystal is highly associated with the Root Chakra comes in a variety of agate. The onyx dispels negativities. That’s why the stone protects a person from unwanted energies like fears while offering support in difficult times.

Rose Quartz: Being a well-known stone in the field of jewelry, rose quartz calms a person’s mind and counteracts anxiety. Aside from those primary reasons why people love to carry Rose Quartz, it also favors the romantic and platonic love, friendships, and harmony within. Most rose quartz has a pink color, sometimes clouded or dusky. They can come in varieties too like Citrine or Amethyst but all of them are significantly linked with the heart chakra.

Moonstone: Moonstone brings out stable emotions, new beginnings, and strength within. This is the stone of inspiration with feminine intuition, which works when dealing with the higher Chakras. Lastly, it acknowledges emotional problems like aggression to heal them. 

Product Description:

  • Gemstone crystal point necklace
  • Silver-colored string
  • Silver cap made of creative pattern
  • Lovely gift idea


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Rose quartz, Moonstone, Onyx


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