Dark Amethyst Yoga Bracelet For Crystal Healing & Meditation



The amethyst yoga bracelet is naturally gorgeous. The gemstone beads have deep purple colors which measure 8mm on a durable bracelet. You can use it during your yoga, meditations, or even on everyday use. If you are aiming to strengthen your spiritual relationship with the Crown Chakra, then this is exactly what you need! For those who are performing Kundalini Yoga, wearing this bracelet will favor unity with the Chakras. Amethyst has been popularized as a dream stone due to its ability to drive bad dreams away and therefore experience a nice sleep. Aside from that, it is highly associated with reaching a dream state and more positive dreams.

Because of their unique nature, all bracelets may come with different patterns. But you can expect that they all have the same deep purple color. If you are curious which items it goes beautifully with, light outfits made of cotton and white linen, and silky flowing outfits like our Comfort Flow are some of the most notable ones. 

Meaning of Dark Amethyst Yoga Bracelet: 

Yoga bracelets like the Dark Amethyst enhance spiritual elevation, calmness during meditation, deprivation of unwanted dreams, experiencing good night sleeping patterns, and energizing a Crown Chakra.

Product Features:

  • Unique and natural amethyst beads
  • Ideal for meditation and uplifting the Crown Chakra
  • 8mm beads strung on elastic cord
  • Strengthens the healing power of yoga 
  • A beautiful accessory for everyday use



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