Eden Ceramic Oil Burner – Grey, Heart Design




This delightful Eden ceramic oil burner in a soothing grey color. It has a wide top well for a better hold on your essential oils. To hold the tea light it has a more hollow center which makes it unique and special. Use essential oils of desire or any fragrance oils in the top well. It gives a calmer and balancing overall feeling that you will surely enjoy. It will also be a great addition to your aromatherapy kit. An additional design of a heart-shaped tie around the neck and gives a homey vibe. This can be detached if desired, by undoing the straw cord. 

Oil burner functions by using heat diffusion in the essential oil or fragrance scattering into the air. Lit the candle and place it at the hollow center and the heat will warm the top well causing the oils to evaporate. By then, you can now able to smell the fragrance around your place. The scent of the essential oils will diffuse into the place, allowing to creating an exciting atmosphere. This is a wonderful fragrance experience if you don’t fancy smokes in incense, oil burners are just perfect for you!

Use while showering for that elevated, rejuvenating warm bath. Use aromatherapy oils for simple home treatments.

How to use a ceramic oil burner:

In the top well put 1 drop of essential oil of desire per 2 tablespoons of water. Use warm water for a faster effect. Now put the lit candle in the hollow center of the ceramic burner. It is the perfect time for you relaxed on your couch or if you desire to have a warm bath. As your candle heats the well, the essential oils will begin to evaporate and you now smell the fragrance filling up the air. Note: You may also alter the ratios in a given situation depending on your desire, as different spaces of rooms may need more oil. Just be mindful not to overpower, fragrance oils are very strong and you only need a small drop of it.

Product Features:

  • A delightful ceramic oil burner with a large oil well
  • Mint grey glaze that suits any decoration in your place
  • Can be used with essential oils as well as fragrance oils 
  • Hanging leaf detail 
  • Comes with a boxed


Additional information

With/Without Oil

Burner Only, With Oil – Sandalwood, With Oil – Patchouli, With Oil – Opium, With Oil – Frankincense & Myrrh


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