Floral Buddha Table Runner And Placemats




This Buddha-themed table runner comes with an elegant beaded tassel-trimmed on both ends. Combined with the printed Buddha statue is a floral pattern of woven and lined runner that can cover a long dining table. It can be used for a table with 6 seaters since it is 70 inches long. The ends are tapered on each side and are embedded with delightfully beaded tassels. What keeps the runner in place and follows a flat surface is the bead’s weight. The size of the glass beads is enough to anchor the runner. Its borders have decorative maroon piping that is in contrast with the picture. Also, this runner is available in a placemat set that contains six items. All of these items have an image of a stone Buddha in the middle and covers to the back. You won’t have to worry about it not fitting your table because it measures 18 × 12 inches, which is large enough for almost all table sizes.

The themed set brings out a delightfully complete look for any structure of a dining room. When you use great table wear for a party, you can place a Buddha statue right in the middle as the centerpiece! Indeed, it is a perfect gift idea for those who love products relating to Buddhas. Whether you choose the complete set or only a few items, you can expect that they are all easy to clean and washing machine friendly. If you want to strengthen the peacefulness in your garden or any area of the house, the Calming or Meditation Buddha statue printed on the table runner is perfect for you. This Buddha represents peace, meditation practice, and deeper concentration. Just like how it is depicted in Korea and Japan, this Buddha is perceived with his hands in the lap and eyes closed during contemplation.

Features of Buddha Table Runner:

  • Anesthetic table runner with printed Buddha
  • Set of placemats with six items intended for a complete table setting (optional)
  • Floral prints blends with a Meditation Buddha
  • Maroon Piping
  • Beaded tassels on both ends
  • 18 × 12 inches placemats
  • 70 inches table runner


Additional information

With/Without Placemats

Runner Only, Table Runner And Placemats, Placemats Only


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