Fluorite Yoga Bracelet For Crystal Healing & Meditation


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This fluorite yoga bracelet is naturally gorgeous. Its natural gemstone measures 8mm strung on a flexible bracelet. It is a nice accessory to wear during yoga practice, meditations, or simply on daily activities. It comes in deep pink, purple, white and green tones primarily used for removing negative energies while protecting oneself against exterior influence. Indeed, it is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to begin a meditation with a clear mind and take away the traces of previous practices. It is also the perfect thing to wear when you are about to get back the yoga practice a few moments later to help you clear your overall perspective. For those who are looking for a workplace crystal, fluorite is a good choice since it clarifies the mind and organizes one’s thinking.

Due to the randomness of the items, all of our bracelets are unique in pattern. But you can expect them to have the same range of colors as in the image. The stone blends with light outfits and smooth pieces of cotton. You can also pair it with a naturally rough white linen or a Comfort Flow Outfit that is a flowing ensemble. 

Meaning of Fluorite Yoga Bracelet: 

It is meant for spiritual cleansing, organization, and mental clarity in the workplace.

Product Features

  • Naturally unique fluorite beads
  • Excellent accessory during meditation
  • Composed of 8mm beads in elastic cord
  • Brings out healing frequencies during yoga practice
  • Practical for daily use 


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