Gemstone Rainbow Tree of Life Necklace – Silver



This rainbow tree of life is made into a beautiful necklace. A ring wrapped in a wire is woven into the shape of a tree and its leaves are the gemstone chips. All of them are made from natural and unique gemstone chips, ranging from quartz, aquamarine, amethyst, peridot, jasper, garnet, and citrine. This vibrant piece of jewelry is pleasing to the eye while its delicate silver wire balances the stone colors, thereby creating an authentic look of branches. Aside from that, it also features a snake chain in silver color, changeable with your preferred chain. You can also shop through our other healing and spiritual jewelry available.

Amethyst: With its ability to awaken the spiritual self and its consciousness, it protects a person from nightmares and strengthens meditation.

Quartz: Quartz is known for its multipurpose healing. It also potentiates the power of other crystals.

Aquamarine: Enables a person to drop insecurities by promoting creativity and a calm mind.

Citrine: Focuses on luck, success, and abundance.

Peridot: Favors personal growth, positivity, and joy.

Garnet: Depicts blood, inner energy, and life’s force.

Jasper: Strengthens the person’s connectivity towards the earth and keeps him grounded.

The History of the Tree of Life 

The tree of life is popular in Celtic, Scandinavian, and eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. For instance, Nordic mythology believes that the tree is interpreted as the realm of the universe. While the tree resembles the banyan tree in Buddhism, where the Buddha has gained some sort of enlightenment. Aside from that, a person’s growth inside and out, as well as the recognition of strong roots, are also associated with the tree of life. Lastly, many people greatly believe it reminds them of the relationship with nature for spiritual and personal growth.

Product Details:

  • Lovely necklace with the rainbow tree of life and gemstone leaves
  • Silver-plated wire
  • Available in quartz, aquamarine, amethyst, peridot, jasper, citrine, and garnet chips
  • Measures 35 mm



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