Green Jade Mala Beads With Quartz Spacers



Green jade mala beads are a polished, heavy mala with 108 beads to keep you tracked while meditating, praying, or having an anxiety attack. A beautiful teal green beads with clear surface quartz spacers. There are also charms in the color of silver with unique designs that give a feeling of antique, temple vibe to this beautiful necklace. Mala beads are used in praying, or you can use them to smooth anxiety by counting through them. Wear these mala beads as a necklace or around your wrist for a piece of traditional yoga accessory. Jade symbolizes the heart of Chakra, with the energy of loving heart and clarity of intention. It is one of our perfect gift idea for a spiritual friend, or if you want a revitalizing treat for yourself.

Jade Meaning: Jade is a hazy green gemstone connected with clarity and stability. It is also said to captive good luck and prosperity. Jade is a popular option for jewelry and is often used to generate beautiful carvings. Jade mala beads are a great choice for a gemstone as they can assist you to demonstrate pure thinking and balance emotions.

About Mala Beads: It is prayer beads mostly used in Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shintō, and other rituals for the spiritual tradition familiar in Sanskrit as Japa. The main body of a mala has usually 108 beads, but also, there is a 109th bead which often has a distinctive color, size, and tassel. Some items have additional decorative beads that are useful for counting rounds. The mala beads will keep you in the count during chanting, reciting, or simply repeating a name of deity or mantra.

Product Features:

  • Beautiful jade mala beads in green color 
  • Composed of 108 beads
  • Use for prayer, meditation, or anxiety



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