Hand Painted Meditation Yoga Wrap




Meditation yoga wrap is beautifully hand-painted. This scarf/wrap highlights the complete seven Chakras symbols in the form of Sanskrit where they maintain their original colors. This beautiful wrap made from ultra-fine cotton can be used for multi-purposes. A spiritual border is hand-painted to surround the chakras and line the yoga wrap. A group of artists from India delicately hand-painted these yoga wraps by extensively curing them and pressing them for long-term use. This elegant piece of art is carefully designed to be simply used as a wrap or a hanging that can dress your alter. It is also a perfect gift idea since you can have it laminated so it would last for a very long time. Decorate your hall space now with this beautiful artistry which colors match almost anything. Throw it over a basic tunic so you would look superb! On top of it, these delicate yoga wraps with hand-paintings are washing machine friendly.

Hand-treated garments like these deserve to be well taken care of.

– Made from 100% soft cotton
– Hand-painted chakras
–Washing machine friendly

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