Heart Healing



Inside a heart, we find the balance in both the interior ascending currents and descending currents of energy.

This lovely and handmade Light sculpture upholds the qualities below:

  • Balancing of the emotions felt by the heart
  • Setting free the past emotional patterns such as fractal feelings
  • Welcoming the love, calmness, devotion, and harmony

As the heart undergoes the healing process, it opens its doors to inner and deeper realities. This gives way to reveal the shining light hidden inside of one true Self.

Place it in your altar, studio, or lounge to spread the love around its atmosphere.

Materials used:

  • Built from carved wood of five levels with LED
  • Handcrafted and has a gold plating finish
  • Swarovski crystal backlight in the middle
  • Depth: 10cm / 4″
  • Diameter: 50 cm / 20″ 

*Every work of art piece is delicately created by an artist’s hand. This means that he has poured all the love for yogic into these sculptures so that they would bring light and healing into our lives.


To facilitate heart healing, repeat this daily affirmation from Swami Kriyananda’s book called the Affirmations for the Self-Healing:

With the devotion’s sword, I sever those heart-strings that tying me to a delusion. With my genuine love, I pour all my heart to the Omnipresence feet.



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