Kyanite Sterling Silver Necklace – Teardrop Shape, Blue



Blue kyanite sterling silver necklace has a beautiful shape of a teardrop. Its blue kyanite is vibrant and naturally produced in a soft oval shape and a sterling silver form. The two small scrolls extend from the teardrop’s base to its top. The .925 sterling necklace includes a snake chain with a silver plating finish. The good thing about its large loop is that it fits most kinds of the chain so you can use a lot of stringing options! For what it’s worth, switching chains is an absolutely simple way of changing how the necklace would look. If you are wanting to have a semi-hippy look, the waxed cotton cord would be your best option.

This beautiful pendant can be worn during formal occasions especially when you like to add crystal energy. If someone in your life desires to uphold their Chakras or expand the psychic abilities, then kyanite is the most delightful jewelry gift you can give to them.

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What is the Blue Kyanite:

Unlike other crystals, the blue kyanite does not accumulate a spiritual negative charge. It has been used conventionally as a stone representing communication and the truth. It is associated with higher-level Chakras while maintaining the harmony between each of the seven Chakras. The Chakras, when harmonized, bring out calmness and oneness and these give way for smooth communication between each person and within each one of them. Overall, kyanite is for those individuals who seek balance and spiritual experiences.

Features of the Kyanite Sterling Silver Necklace:

  • Blue kyanite sterling in a silver necklace
  • Snake chain silver plating
  • A large loop that enables most chains to fit
  • Vibrant stone facilitates balancing of Chakras during a crystal healing process
  • Intricate teardrop shape


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