Large Black Tara Statue – Cast Bronze, For Power & Protection



A wonderful cast bronze covers the black Tara statue with golden accents. This statue is naturally heavy and large in size, but serene and beautifully sculptured. The cast bronze contributes to its qualities of being a perfect member of the altar or deity in the living room. Casting is carefully prepared by pouring a liquid metal into an originally-carved from mold. The metal is coated with black paint while its edging is well-polished to bring out the golden details. Both hands are placed in mudra gestures. The right hand represents the Gyan or air mudra whereas the left hand shows the Surya/Agni (known as the fire mudra). These mudras balance the each element that they represent.

It is also a great idea to use the statue to beautify a meditation or Yoga room. Displaying the spiritual statues in your space promotes a peaceful ambiance and at the same time elevates your energy. Homes in Southeast Asian countries patronize Deity statues wherein residents and visitors leave their offerings towards the household shrines. In western homes, lots of households adopt the idea of putting lights and flowers around statues.

About Black Tara

Although it is not yet clear if the Tara originated in the Hindu or Buddhist tradition, one thing is for sure: it is equally valuable to both groups. In Tibetan setting of Buddhism, the female version of the Buddhas is called Padmapani, which symbolizes compassion. Of all types of Tara, the most common among many regions are the Green and White Taras. A White Tara represents the historical Indian Mother who is a Goddess. Meanwhile, the Black Tara upholds a significance towards the Tibetan Buddhism because it embodies the vital side of the Buddhas. It delivers the worshipers from all the evil spirits, negative influences, and and bad karma. Hence, it is the ultimate savior and protector.

Details of the Black Tara Statue

  • Heavy and large sized Black Tara Statue
  • Polished with golden accents
  • Highly-detailed sculpture
  • Approximately 3.1 kg
  • Width of 21 cm and height of 28 cm


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