Large Om Symbol Necklace On Snake Chain, Silver



A large om symbol is strung on a snake chain necklace. This elegant statement necklace is approximately 60 mm and a snake chain with a comfortable lobster clasp. Its Om symbol is artistically written in a classic calligraphic style. It is best paired with silver earrings plus a strappy dress while a wool sweater and jeans match the night out. The spiritual necklaces like this item are one of the nicest gifts you can give to a Yogi because to shower them wisdom and inspiration. 

The Om symbol interpretation: Each stroke of the Om symbol has a corresponding state of consciousness. It can be one of four states: The conscious self, dreaming self, unconscious self, and transcendental (also called the divine or spiritual) self. Whereas, the last brush stroke reflects the illusion world. This is the state that drives us away from the truth and awareness of the genuine universe.

Product Features:

  • Large-sized silver Om pendant
  • Silver snake chain that is comfortably smooth
  • With a lobster clasp
  • A great spiritual gift idea for every meditation or Yoga enthusiast



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